Tuesday, July 29

Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for the wonderful visit! It was an enlightening experience for me to be with Molly and meet her friends. I will cherish that memory forever.

Meeting you and sharing time with your staff has changed me, not only as an educator, but as a mother, aunt, and friend. I was so impressed with the overall sense of peacefulness and joy in the community of your facility. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a setting with children without scolding and controlling of adults! Such a breath of fresh air for me to witness children playing peacefully without the jealousy and determination to be in control. Obviously they are products of the environment you have established. The natural surroundings are beautiful! No asphalt and/or concrete! What a concept. Here we pave a cornfield to erect a play area! This coordinates with your concept of children experimenting and learning to appreciate their environment. I would highly recommend your establishment for children. I was so impressed with the knowledge, patience, and guidance of your staff. The fact that it is not all about academics is refreshing. We need to allow our children to explore and play developmentally prior to the school setting. The fact that you are encouraging that is essential! Thank you again. You have helped me become a better person in how I approach the learning environment. Molly is very fortunate. Have a wonderful summer!



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