“To see a world in a grain of sandIMG_2201And a heaven in a wild flower,IMG_2206Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,IMG_2210An eternity in an hour“(William Blake)IMG_2214PlayScapes happens every other Friday. We travel to a destination on St. Croix –a destination that holds magic and mystery. We won’t be traveling to beaches or playgrounds, but to forests and landscapes that could offer adventure and exploration. It is rare these days that children get to have this opportunity. There’s karate, swim and dance lessons in the afternoons and then when the children get older, there’s homework on top of those activities. No time to explore and wander. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re exploring and wandering. This is our first PlayScapes trip. We went to Altoona Lagoon to a space at the end of the park. It was quite magical discovering the space, hidden behind some sea grape trees, we crept into the space and discovered fruit trees! Lots and lots of fruit trees–Sugar Apple, Guava, Gooseberry, Carambola. IMG_2202For a moment, the children stood there–“what are we doing here?” They said. Miss Cat and I just waited for the adventure to unfold. The children wandered with their buckets then soon discovered that it was a hermit crab heaven. IMG_2193 It was a delight to witness the excitement as the children filled their buckets with hermit crabs of all sizes. IMG_2197IMG_2185IMG_2183IMG_2184… love it…until next time…


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