PlayScapes: The Secret Forest

A short trail walk led us to our “Home Base”.



Little did we know that a treasure trove awaited us–a plethora of sticks lying on the ground.

IMG_2827 IMG_2835

With three sticks in each hand, a child holds up his right hand, “This is thunder”, and then his right, “This is fire”.  I could only imagine the creative sparks that were firing up in his mind.

IMG_2842 IMG_2841

We walked on the trails.  First accompanied by a caregiver, then the children were excited to go all on their own!!!

IMG_2828 IMG_2830

We found twirly sticks


And seed pods


And snail shells


It was a peaceful spot.


There weren’t any trees, rocks, or hills to climb.


And because the risk was so minimal, the children felt very safe.  And because they felt very safe and sure, their play was focused and intense.

IMG_2849 IMG_2851

This intensity brings about a good feeling.   It is why people say that play is the Life Force of childhood.  If you’re a painter, cook, or runner you would know about this Life Force. The intensity and concentration is similar to play in that one gets so focused that the rest of the world fades away and hours can go by like minutes.

IMG_2838     IMG_2845     IMG_2854 IMG_2855

The experience is grounding and centering for the soul.  Too often, adults forget this feeling. But for children, it is a natural state of being.  So if we squash it out by thinking that children need to move on with the “real stuff”,

IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860

think again because this is the real stuff.

IMG_2864 IMG_2862


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