IMG_2337IMG_2349IMG_2332IMG_2329When we arrive at our destination, the first thing we do is fuel up! The children are always excited to begin exploring.IMG_2364 They discovered animal tracks in the salt pond,IMG_2342IMG_2341IMG_2345hunted for crabs in the mangroves,IMG_2334IMG_2335IMG_2339explored the oceanIMG_2369Some children were fishing with crusts of breadIMG_2368“Look what we found–DINOSAUR TEETH!”IMG_2359IMG_2371IMG_2354“Best Day Ever!”

PlayScapes is a program at The Stone House Preschool and Kindergarten.  Every other Friday, a small group of children and two caregivers venture out into the wild untamed landscapes of St. Croix. The mission of PlayScapes is to offer children the opportunity to explore in natural landscapes and instill a sense of wonder and adventure and perhaps give a lasting impression of the magic, serenity, and beauty that nature can bring.


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