Making Potpourri

We have a few traditions at the Stone House and one of those traditions is making Potpourri for Mother’s Day. At the west center, we took a nature walk and gathered dried seed pods and leaves.SAM_0422SAM_0424SAM_0428When we got back to the center, the children filled their bags with all sorts of dried pods, flowers, and leaves.SAM_0441SAM_0431SAM_0442SAM_0444SAM_0445SAM_0454Our assortment included seed pods from the flamboyant tree,SAM_0462&from the cotton tree,SAM_0458> from the mahogany tree,SAM_0459and from the coconut tree!SAM_0460 We added drops of essential oils, tied a ribbon on the bag and voila! A beautiful Mother’s Day Gift! SAM_0430SAM_0465SAM_0449


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