Kindergarten: September 7

Parent    “ What did you do in school today?”

Child      “Played outside.”

 My translation (Chose to play outside with my friends managing my time in a constructive manner practicing gross motor skills, relating to my peers in meaningful ways, understanding their differences in ways that relate to me, and getting a feel for my place in this new environment of space and people.)

 “Did you do anything else?”


‘”Did you go inside ?”



“We sat on the floor and did stuff.”

(We played interactive games highlighting our relationship with one another, practicing ordinal numbers  and showcasing a bond we all have about our school outlook(high five all around). We also did some role playing as we created our own story about finding beauty around us while integrating a diverse demographic and breaking down character stereotypes . We discussed school expectations in a kind and gentle manner and reached a con census on what works best for the group. We also learned a pretty fun song that helped us  separate and display fingers in preparation for  future fine motor skills like writing)

 “Then what did you do?”

“We ate snack.”

(We were reminded of good hygiene and appropriate social skills and waited patiently for all of our friends to be ready to eat before we passed food around and enjoyed a relaxed and deliberate break in our busy morning to converse and replenish our bodies.)

 “Then what?”

“The older kids did a project “

(We (kindergarteners) began a project with clay which familiarized us with the special properties of the medium out of which we will be forming the cups we will be using for drinking this year. We also made juices using local fruits and experimented blending and freezing.)

 “Anything else?”

“We played outside.”

(Children who wished had an opportunity to continue exploring the inside project and maybe have a little more one on one time with Cat while others chose to go back outside to play with the multi-aged group of children respecting and recognizing size differences and expectations.)

 “Was it a good week?”


 From Cat


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