Mathematics Indeed!

So, what exactly, is going on here and how is this mathematics? Well, C lifted up a huge 10 foot PVC pipe. The beauty of our philosophy is that nobody tells him to put it down. Nobody tells him Watch Out—you might hurt somebody! Nobody even says, Be Careful! We, as caregivers, and supporters of uber creative learning just sit back and watch and wait, and wonder…what is he going to do now? Well, first off, just getting the pipe standing up is a maneuver in physics and body mechanics. Second, he gives a wonderful demonstration of social competence by saying to his friends “ look out!” And here’s the math part: He has estimated the length of this pipe, estimated where it will fall, and then calls out to his friends standing yonder. And the rest was playful experimentation — at first he let it fall to the ground- “Brooong”. And then after a few times of that, he let it fall on the bridge. “Broooong brooong bronnnng!” It turned out to be a great game where everyone got involved, with C leading the game.

No one can convince me otherwise—PLAY IS BRILLIANCE!!!!! (And your children demonstrate this every day!)

In gratitude,



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