Coming soon…The Smoothie Shack

kinder january 006kinder january 003kinder december 027Our Playground
The other day at snack I asked the children what they thought of our
outside play area.”Awesome”,” Really cool” , “It has everything”
I have to agree, our play area really is amazing! In the way of equipment
our collection is extensive. We have balance beams, seesaws, swings, slides,
ramps, naturally formed environmentally sound climbing apparatus, and an array
of materials for digging, building and creative interpretation.
In the front yard is a huge pirate ship complete with crow’s nest, planks to
walk and decks for swabbing, right next to the scary creature compound, where
considerable time is spent and enjoyed by the children keeping beasts at bay. In
that same space close by is the brand new Smoothie Shack still under construction
but scheduled to open soon or so I have heard.
The back yard is home to a giant dragon lair complete with sleeping space
for everyone, a pool, not Olympic proportions but sizable, morphing landscapes to
confuse attacking saber toothed tigers, multiple exits for quick escape and multilevel
living quarters which can double as an infirmary in the event of unforeseen
Next to the organic garden is the papaya orchard which abuts the banana
grove, and the whole yard is surrounded by a fence lined with passion fruit vines
with fruits waiting to be made into frozen lindies for those hot days.
The total area is of considerable size which allows children the opportunity
to utilize large amounts of energy running freely or to find a quiet space to reflect
and recharge.
According to the children using the space, a more perfect play area would
be hard to imagine….but not impossible given their imagination capabilities.


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