Kindergarten: November 23

Nov, 22, 2012

Happy Day parents,

We cooked, carved, carefully cut and coloured our way through the week wrapping up the letter “C”. My own personal highlight was having cloudy day crullers with cocoa, but we also cut some very wonderful tissue paper decorations and finished our calabashes, except for the strings which we will add when they are dried.  I told the children a story from which you may have been hearing the punch line but which has been requested many times so I will pass it on. This story comes from a friend of mine whose family was hosting a British child who had been relocated to America during World War II. As you know there was much rationing of foods in England during the war. One of the first days the child was in America it was a chilly winter morning and the family asked him if he would like cocoa with his breakfast. The child was incredulous, but when he regained his wits he replied in a stiff Cockney accent, “Cocoa? Even the bloody KING don’t get cocoa!” I have found that this group of children loves to hear stories and once told wants them over and over. Waldorf schools don’t offer many books for young children in their classrooms, and this group is a testament to the power of imagination that listening to a story elicits.

We sing every day at school, both formally in our circle and throughout the morning spontaneously in our activities, so our repertoire is quite large and growing each week. The children love to sing along, but often times I feel that I am carrying the song. It is when I hear them singing the same songs out in the yard as they play or while they are building or as they did yesterday when they burst into song while carving calabashes that I realize how these songs permeate their lives. And it was an indication of how information is processed and utilized. We can’t, as adults, control how they integrate knowledge. Our job is to present opportunities which they can absorb in their own way and file away in a meaningful way for later.

Next week we will be working with the letter “D”, doo wah ditty ditty dum ditty doo! Sorry, that is a flashback to my sixties roots.

It occurred to me that there may be times you would like to get in touch with me so in the event you want to contact me via email my address is

Giving thanks , Cat


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