Kindergarten: November 16

Nov 16, 2012

Good afternoon all,
We are all pretty excited about this evening’s lantern walk and festivities. We spent a part of today baking special cookies, and it is only with enormous restraint and a strong conviction to stand firm on my part that there are any left for this evening. The many stages of our lantern production took up another part of our week and we are anxious to put them to use and share them with everyone. I am also looking forward to meeting families from the three centresand blending in one location for the fun.
Aside from party prep, we devoted our week to wrapping up the letter ”B” and introducing “C”. We ate cookies and crunchy carrot coins for snack and have been singing songs about cars, caterpillars and copy cats. We will be hanging with “C” through next week as we continue working on our calabash carving and practicing letter formation. You can see the first page of our alphabet book we drew for letter “B” hanging in the dining area. Speaking of the pictures reminds me of a topic I wanted to mention. It has to do with the disgruntled conversations around the placement of said pictures and whose is first depending on which way you look at them.
Our class is made up of 4 children…three of whom are first borns, (one of them an only child) and one second born determined not to be outdone by any firstborns…been there done that. The dynamics of such a group are enormous. If you have ever studied birth order you know about first born children. Just as a refresher…most U.S. presidents are first born children or first born sons. All but two of the first astronauts were first borns and the other two were only children. Because of their solo existence for the beginning of their lives first borns have a tendency to make their own rules and expect others to go along with them. So imagine a room full of children who are accustomed to being in charge. I think you get the picture, and needless to say a lot of our focus this year thus far has been on community building, making joint decisions for the benefit of all and attempting to reach consensus when possible. I am reminded of the Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler…”you got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run..” For all of us this year the task of working well together and listening to others is going to be our biggest challenge.
In the past few weeks we have delved into the realm of letters and numbers, and it has become obvious that these concepts are not difficult for this group. All the children are amused by them, and continuously refer to letter sounds and math problems in their routines, evidence of interest, engagement and relevance, exactly what we hope for. So as we cruise along with those concepts in the more structured times of our day, their most critical work is in their interactions which occur mostly during their self play time. It is a gift for them to have this time to continue working out their place in the social scene.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the lantern walk. Cat


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