Kindergarten: November 9

Nov.9, 2012


Good afternoon all,

So can you say, A big black bug bit a big brown bear 5 times quickly? We practiced all week and it made us laugh every time, but that was just one of the many “B” opportunities we were able to take advantage of. We ate bread babies, banana bread, biscuit bunnies, bear claws and bananananananas. We made beeswax bugs in blue bottomed boxes and bubbles and studied bugs which we drew in our nature journals. My apologies to any entomologists out there.  I know it is not PC to call insects bugs, but it works so well for our interests. We made our first entry for our alphabet books which were quite fun. They will remain at school, but the plan is to display them for a day or two so we can look at them before putting them into the portfolios. That way you also have a chance to come in and see them should you have any interest.

We will wrap up “B” early next week and begin on “C” using the hard sound as in car, should you decide to play along with us at home. One of the papers brought home last week had a bunch of b’s on it with some cryptic pictures beside them. In an effort to surreptitiously practice letter writing, I asked the children to write down a b for each b item they saw on a tray and afterward they tried to remember what the items were. I know the paper probably looked a bit sketchy to your eye, but it was the beginning of using written language for a purpose….which is my attempt at making school learning relevant. I believe it worked well for a first attempt.

School is in session Monday, and we will use that day to wrap up “B”. Part of our week will be spent making lanterns for the festival Friday. I hope to see you all there.

  Make it a great weekend.    Cat



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