Kindergarten: November 5

Nov. 5, 2012

Good afternoon all,
We have begun our new week, post full moon and Halloween week which went surprisingly well considering the possibilities for over excitement. I hope you have seen the puppets and been presented the song/story which we worked on. It was such fun, and as you can see from the work on the puppets there were some very fine fine motor skills being honed. I have noticed a new comfort level with hand control and a confidence in attempting new tasks. Perfect timing for the beginning of our letter formation and familiarity we began today.
We have started with the letter b. First we sang songs featuring that letter, and then we played our memory tray game using only “B” items. We had bunny biscuits for snack and followed up with making letters in shaving cream on the table. As we totally immerse ourselves in “b” our familiarity will grow and we will have more and more fun with it. Bugs, boxes, bags, bubbles…the possibilities are endless , only limited by our time together One of the games we play at school is one you can do at home and it affords us huge amusement. When we are discussing a letter we substitute that letter for the first letter in our names….Bico, Balexis, Bichael, Beese, Miss Bat. From that point we think of other words and try those substitutions. Sounds a bit goofy, and it is, but it always amuses us and it is so easy to do when you are just sitting around or driving in the car. Speaking of driving, now that we are featuring one letter at a time it is always fun to see how many you can find when you are en route to wherever you go. The overlap between home and school is an important one so that children see the relevance of what they are doing out in the rest of the world.
Our class has now been together for a couple of months, and we are an extraordinary group. The experience your child has just showing up and being around these other children is education in itself due to the fact that each individual is so articulate, self motivating, engaging and in some way interesting to the other children for whatever special skill or quality. I have seen fabulous cooperation, negotiation, compassion, and changes in social behaviors to better facilitate the group. I believe that our understanding of the expectations and limits and the benefits of working as a group has grown. Your children are great fun to be around, and I love planning our days. Thanks for all your child rearing work that makes my days so fun. See you around school. Cat


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