Kindergarten: Sept 28

September 28, 2012

Good afternoon all,
Life in the new building has been wonderful, and the children have been enjoying the space both indoors and out.
Our story this week was the Bremen Town Musicians which is about compassion, friendship and working together which seemed like a good focus for us at this point in our new school year. Our final project Friday was making a bowl in the form of one of the animals in the story and the dog featured as a favorite, although in the storytelling the rooster was definitely most anticipated.
. The block area has had quite a workout this week with a new infusion of blocks, and it has also been great fun to explore the outdoor space. After making passion fruit juice Monday and freezing some in the shells for a refreshing break one morning during outside play we decided to plant some seeds around the fence to insure further passion fruit projects. It is fun to see the children’s excitement about taking ownership of their space and making decisions.
One of our projects this week was drawing our faces and then playing a game about same and different. We began with physical features and went on to things we like to do and foods we like to eat. The process revealed some things we all had in common and some things we were surprised about, all in the interest of making a more cohesive group.
In our daily routine we are referring more and more to sounds of words and making connections between sounds in different words both rhyming and letter sounds. There is amusement in the awareness and a playfulness about it all.
We all finished our aprons this week with the final button sanding and sewing on and they are a source of pride and beauty hanging up.
Next week I won’t be in school Friday because I will be off island to celebrate my aunt’s 90th birthday. She lives in Hawaii and decided she would like to see fall in New England so we will be gathering in NH for the long weekend.
Make it a great weekend. Cat


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